Training Programs

Training Programs

First Aid Programs

Lifesaving Society First Aid awards are offered by thousands of Affiliate Members across the country, and often used as a First Aid employment standard.  First aid training from the Lifesaving Society is a continuation of the Society’s efforts to provide Canadians with the education to prevent injuries and provide appropriate rescue responses if an injury occurs.

First aid is a valuable life skill that is applicable in any environment. It provides people with the rescue skills to manage illness or injuries while accessing emergency services. The First Aid training program includes an injury prevention component as research has shown that individuals with first aid training are less likely to become injured.

Every five years, the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation reviews the latest science on first aid and resuscitation and updates treatment recommendations as necessary. The latest changes were released in October 2020. The Lifesaving Society and its fellow national training agencies reviewed the recommendations and agreed upon a consistent interpretation and consensus in the guidelines for Canada.

All Branches offer CPR, AED training, Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid at a minimum. Contact your local Branch for more information.